The thing she said to me...


Selamat sejahtera keatas kamu & good day.

It's been a while. Selamat Hari Raya.

I have a friend. My old friend. She is a blogger ( She said to me long time ago, commented on my blog's name, "your blog's name is in English, why don't you write in English?" It took me a while she saying this. It is because, frankly, my English is not good, but I just love my blog's name.

I have this name while listening to John Mayer's Friends, Lover, Or Nothing song. It just a straightforward none complicated statement. It took me no time to pick it up as my blog's name. Thanks John.

have thought and made up my mind. I will TRY, write in English, as many, as frequently as I can. Challenge accepted, (although it took me four years to take it, hehe)

I will be blogging again. Wish me luck.



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